VIDEO: Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders: Lynwood Unified School District Continues its Commitment to Inclusivity

Lynwood Unified provides students with programs and curricula that inspire them to be the change they wish to see in the world. The annual Teen Summit, held in honor of Black History Month each February, is a celebration of the vibrant cultures that make up the District community and provides African American students with a safe and supportive space to connect, share experiences and celebrate their unique identities.

The event, which has been an LUSD staple for over a decade, engages students in enlightening workshops, thought-provoking discussions and collaborative activities that aim to strengthen their sense of belonging and inspire them to dream big. 

During the 2023 Summit, students participated in a series of team-building exercises, including a break-out vision board session consisting of an all-female group and an all-male group designed to explore opportunities and envision their futures. Students also heard from a dynamic selection of guest speakers who shared personal stories of triumph and resilience, providing relatable narratives that resonated with many of the students in attendance. 

The event is one of the many engaging opportunities that serve as an extension of the District’s mission to ensure equal opportunities for every student to succeed, fostering an environment where diversity is celebrated and every voice is heard.