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Objectives / Responsibilities


  • The objective for the duration of this agreement is to enable the student to recuperate missing credits and/or keep current with grade level studies in a flexible setting for the period covered by this agreement. 

Frequency and Time of Appointments:

  • It is  necessary that students and teachers interact at least sixty (60) minutes either through virtual meetings, emails, or phone calls to monitor academic progress. 
  • Additional meetings may be scheduled and/or required on the academic needs of a student. Meetings may include online interventions, one to one support, and support resources that students will be required to participate in to ensure academic success. 
  • The supervising/homeroom teacher will schedule  parent/student/teacher conferences to review student academic progress.

Manner of Reporting/Meeting:

  • The manner of submitting work will be, through a virtual classroom, online platform,  email, worksheets or other means pre-approved by the LUSD teacher.

Methods of Study and Resources:

  • The methods of study and resources for each attendance period will be shared by the homeroom teacher.


Methods of Evaluation:

  • Methods of evaluation used to determine if the student met the academic objectives for each attendance period are varied and may include teacher-created assessments, district benchmarks, presentations, written or oral reports, written or oral tests, interviews, projects, demonstrations of skill, technology based presentations, completed assignments, portfolios, and teacher observation. 


  1. The major objective for the duration of this agreement is to enable the student to keep current with ______grade studies for the period covered by this agreement.
  2. This agreement is to enable the student to successfully reach the objectives and complete the assignments identified in his individual academic plan. With the support of the parent, guardian or caregiver, the student will submit all assignments on or before the student's due date.
  3. According to district policy for Independent Study in grades 9-12, no more than 3 weeks or 15 school days may elapse between when an assignment is given by the teacher and the date it is due, unless an exception is made in accordance with district policy.
  4. The Lynwood Unified School District will provide teacher services, instructional materials, and other necessary items and resources as specified for each assignment.
  5. The student will complete, during the term of this agreement, the appropriate course work for the students’ grade level or ability. All coursework will be consistent with the Lynwood Unified School District adopted curriculum. The Student Work Assignment Record Form(s) include the course description, objectives, study methods, evaluation methods, and resources covered by the agreement.
  6. Independent Study is a voluntary optional alternative in which no student may be required to participate, a classroom option will always be available to the student. In the case of a student who is referred or assigned pursuant to Education Code 48915 or 48917, an alternative classroom has been offered and is available at all times at the school specified above.
  7. The student’s work will be evaluated by the method specified in the Student Work-Assignment Record Form(s).


  1. Independent Study is a form of education that I have voluntarily chosen and I will always have a classroom option.
  2. I am entitled to textbooks and supplies, supervision by a certificated teacher, and all the services and resources received by the other students enrolled in my grade.
  3. I have the same rights as other students in my grade at my current school.
  4. I must follow the discipline code and behavior guidelines of the school, in accordance with district policy.
  5. If I do not complete three consecutive assignments or miss check-in with my homeroom teacher three times, my incomplete work will result in review of my agreement and I may not be allowed to continue in Independent Study. I will be assigned to a classroom at my last school of enrollment or the alternative option indicated above. I understand that no late work will be accepted past the due date and will not receive credit for the work which will result in repeating the course.


I agree as a student to:

  • Be supervised by and meet regularly with the assigned homeroom Independent Study Teacher, in accordance with the frequency, date, time, and location specified in the Student Work Assignment Record Form which will be a minimum of 60 minutes of in-person support every week with my assigned teacher.
  • Seek additional support from all available resources, including teacher and PAPER 24/7 tutoring, in order to accurately complete my work before the due date.
  • Complete my assigned work by its due date as explained by my teacher and described in my written assignments. I understand that all assignments are due no later than October 2 (Quarter 1), December 13 (Quarter 2), March 20 (Quarter 3), June 3 (Quarter 4). No late work will be accepted.



I understand that the major objective of Independent Study is to provide a voluntary educational alternative for my student. I agree to the conditions listed under “Student”, I also understand that:

  1. Learning objectives are consistent with and evaluated in the same manner that they would be if he or she were enrolled in a traditional school setting.
  2. Unless otherwise indicated, the supervising teacher who signs this agreement will meet with my student on a regular basis to direct the student’s study and measure progress toward the objectives in this agreement. It is my responsibility to promptly reschedule any appointment missed because of an emergency.
  3. I am responsible for supervising my student while he or she is completing the assigned work and for ensuring the submission of all completed assignments necessary for evaluation.
  4. I am financially liable for the cost of replacement or repair for damaged books, Chromebooks, hotspots and other school property checked out to my student.
  5. It is my responsibility to provide any needed transportation for my student’s scheduled meeting and any other travel covered by this agreement.
  6. I have the right to appeal to the school administration any decision about my student’s placement or school progress in accordance with the Lynwood Unified School District’s policies and procedures.